Why you need daily contract cleaners at your place of work!

Daily Contract Cleaning

Supreme Cleaning (Kent) Ltd are experienced in daily contract cleaning and carry out daily cleans in many different types of businesses such as:

  • Schools & Colleges
  • Social clubs and concert halls
  • Offices
  • Doctors & vets surgeries
  • Golf clubs
  • Retail outlets
  • Leisure centres

We take the hassle and worry out of cleaning for business owners and managers who have previously carried out their own cleaning in house, and pride ourselves on our high level of commitment. Continue reading “Why you need daily contract cleaners at your place of work!”

A clean office is an efficient office

Many companies are trying to cut costs where they can, while some things can probably go without a problem, office cleaning should not be one of them!

While it may seem like a harmless cost to cut, the overall negative effects of not properly cleaning an office regularly will eventually outweigh the money that you are saving.

Here are 3 basic reasons why cleaning is so very important in your office:

  • Client Impression: When a client walks into your office, you want them to be impressed. A dusty and dirty looking place will not only reflect negatively on the quality of your company, but it could turn away business and lead potential clients to look elsewhere.
  • Employee Work Experience: Employees are what keeps the company together and often are the face of the brand so it is important to keep them happy. Not only does a clean office make work more enjoyable, but it makes it a safer environment as well.
  • Safety: In addition to the safety of employees, a clean office makes it safer for anyone who comes into the office. By removing dust and germs, you can prevent sickness and allergies from spreading around the office environment.

Not only will a professional cleaning service improve all of these points, but the cleaning will be done in an efficient and thorough manner.

How to prevent germs from spreading in your home!

Why we need to keep our homes germ free:

  • Experts say that cleanliness is the best way of preventing the spread of germs in the home!
  • Hygienic cleaning involves focusing on the areas in your home where germs are more likely to spread infection.
  • Hygienic cleaning should be a daily ritual and way of life not a once a week activity. Cleaning aids such as mops and cloths must be germ free to avoid spreading the germs which can multiply easily and quickly. Within eight hrs 1 bacterium on a damp cloth can multiply to 6 million. Continue reading “How to prevent germs from spreading in your home!”

Cleaning Companies in Kent and South East London

Keeping your office clean is an important factor in the impression you make on colleagues and clients. Messy desks are sometimes forgivable, but messy toilets and dirty floors are not. Running an office takes all the time and energy you have. Often essential office cleaning chores get shuffled to the end of the list and are not attended to as regularly and thoroughly as it should be. If your office is in Southeast London or Kent, then the experts at Supreme Cleaning can take over and keep your office looking clean, professional and ready for business. Offering office cleaning in Kent and South East London, Supreme Cleaning offers a variety of services, so they can tailor a cleaning schedule to suit your office’s needs. Continue reading “Cleaning Companies in Kent and South East London”

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