10 Top tips for keeping your workspace clean and hygienic

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You may be surprised to learn that your desk probably harbours more germs than a toilet seat! It’s true! In fact, the average desk is home to 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. A study at the University of Arizona in the U.S. found that phones, water fountain handles, microwave door handles and keyboards are the top five most germ-contaminated spots in the office. And even more astonishing is the fact that the area where you rest your hand on the desk has around 10,000,000 bacteria. Yuck!

If you value your well-being, it’s high time you got into the habit of giving your workstation a regular clean. Here are ten top tips for keeping the germs at bay.

1. Regularly clean your keyboard

Shut down your computer and unplug your keyboard (if it is wired). Carefully turn your keyboard upside down and gently shake it over a bin. This should get rid of any crumbs and debris. To clean away dust, use compressed air. You can buy cans of compressed air from most office supply shops. Then use cotton swabs and cotton buds to clean the keys with isopropyl alcohol. Be careful not to use too much alcohol.

2. Clean your screen

Over time, your monitor will get dusty. With everything switched off and shut down, move your monitor and wipe the surface it stands on. Use a microfibre cleaning cloth and a little water to make the cloth damp. Do not spray water directly onto the monitor, but apply a small amount of water on the corner of the microfiber cloth. Never use cleaning fluids, wax, or chemicals.

3. Maintain your mouse

If you’ve noticed your mouse has been a bit erratic or unresponsive, it could be simply that it needs a good clean. Disconnect your mouse. Remove the mouse ball cover and clean with a dry lint-free cloth. Use specialist cleaning fluid to clean the rollers, before replacing the mouse ball and cover. For an optical mouse, disconnect and clean with a lightly dampened cotton ball. Pat dry and reconnect.

4. Dust your desk

You’ll keep dust away from your desk by regularly hoovering carpets under your desk, or mopping hard floors. Regularly use a dry lint-free cleaning cloth to wipe your desk to pick up dust.

5. De-grime your telephone

Your phone is a hotspot for bacteria and needs regular cleaning. Wipe your phone with anti-bacterial wipes. The ear, mouth piece and the keypad require special attention as they have the most concentration of bacteria. Wipe the whole unit and any wires and cables.

6. Disinfect your bin

Even if your under-the-desk bin has a plastic liner, take the time to regularly clean your bin with disinfectant in a little warm water. Dry completely with a cloth before adding a new bin liner.

7. Reduce clutter

You are probably all too aware that clutter builds on your desk depressingly easily. Clutter attracts dust and makes regular cleaning more difficult. Try to keep your desk minimalist.

8. Invest in desk cleaning products

Keep on top of your desk cleaning by investing in the products you need to give your desk a regular clean. With everything you need tucked into your stationery cupboard, keeping your workstation free of dust and germs will be easy.

9. Get a deep clean by a professional cleaner

If you really don’t have the time for a regular desk cleaning routine, ask your professional cleaner to build in some regular deep cleans for your work stations. Professional cleaners know all of the hotspots for germs and have the expertise and the cleaning materials to get your workstation hygienic and looking ship shape in minimal time.

10. Eat food away from your desk

If you really want to minimise the mess on your desk, eat snacks and lunch elsewhere. Food crumbs and spills can easily build up without you noticing. Taking a lunch-break away from your workstation is actually good for your productivity.

If you need help getting your office spick and span and free from dust and germs, our professional team of cleaners are on hand to help with regular contract cleaning and commercial deep cleans. Give our friendly efficient team a call on 01322 384500 (Kent), 0203 092 4777 (London) or 07774 606171 (mobile).

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