How to prevent germs from spreading in your home!

Why we need to keep our homes germ free:

  • Experts say that cleanliness is the best way of preventing the spread of germs in the home!
  • Hygienic cleaning involves focusing on the areas in your home where germs are more likely to spread infection.
  • Hygienic cleaning should be a daily ritual and way of life not a once a week activity. Cleaning aids such as mops and cloths must be germ free to avoid spreading the germs which can multiply easily and quickly. Within eight hrs 1 bacterium on a damp cloth can multiply to 6 million.

Tips for preventing germs from spreading in our homes:

  • Use disposable cloths or kitchen roll where possible. Re-usable cloths should be disinfected after every use.
  • Clean washing up brushes in a dishwasher regularly or clean with detergent and warm water after each use.
  • Use two buckets for mopping. One for detergent and one for rinsing. Mops and buckets should be cleaned, disinfected and dried after each use.
  • Keep the u bend and lavatory bowl clean by flushing after each use. Lime scale should be removed regularly using a de scaling product. Keep the seat, handle and rim clean by using a disinfectant.
  • Clean shower trays, baths and sinks frequently. Use disinfectant if they have been used by somebody that is ill. Hygienically clean or launder the shower curtain periodically.
  • Ensure food prep areas are hygienically cleaned after use. Use separate chopping boards for meat (including fish and poultry) and vegetables. Always wash and dry your hands after handling high risk foods such as raw meat.
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