How to prevent germs from spreading in your home!

Why we need to keep our homes germ free:

  • Experts say that cleanliness is the best way of preventing the spread of germs in the home!
  • Hygienic cleaning involves focusing on the areas in your home where germs are more likely to spread infection.
  • Hygienic cleaning should be a daily ritual and way of life not a once a week activity. Cleaning aids such as mops and cloths must be germ free to avoid spreading the germs which can multiply easily and quickly. Within eight hrs 1 bacterium on a damp cloth can multiply to 6 million. Continue reading “How to prevent germs from spreading in your home!”

Spruce up your home or business for Christmas

Do you want to spruce up your home or office before the Christmas festivities? Or do you simply need some help cleaning up after it’s all over? Supreme Cleaning Services are here for you!

Regardless of your need – either for your office or home Supreme Cleaning Services in Kent will be able to tailor our cleaning services to suit your individual requirements.

If you are having a party then why not try our after party cleaning service in Kent.

However we also offer lots of other ways to make your life easier such as our Supreme Cleaning ‘end of tenancy cleaning service’ in Kent, our Supreme Cleaning ‘after builders cleaning service’ in Kent. Continue reading “Spruce up your home or business for Christmas”

Five reasons to get the professional cleaners in for a deep clean!

Here are 5 great reasons why you would benefit from a professional cleaning company visiting your house to give you the 5 star treatment!

Carpet Cleaning : Benefits And Methods Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Regardless of price, size or material professional carpet cleaning and maintenance is an essential way of preserving the life of your  carpets which act as magnets for soil, grit and dust. Vacuuming is a form of carpet cleaning that is quite popular with a lot of carpet owners. According to the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA), regular vacuuming is effective is getting rid of surface dirt, grit and soil, but it not very effective in getting rid of dirt that is deeply embedded fibres. It is only natural that you would want the best for your carpet in terms of cleaning services. Continue reading “Carpet Cleaning : Benefits And Methods Of Professional Carpet Cleaning”

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