5 Top Tips for Fighting Allergens

Fighting the allergens

Allergens are present in most homes throughout the year. They can cause constant irritation and inflammation of the nose, airways and skin. There are several ways that allergens can develop and escalate:

  • House dust mite droppings – these tiny, spider-like creatures are found all around the home, particularly in bedding, carpets and soft furnishings
  • Animal dander – tiny skin flakes covered in dried sweat and saliva, carried on the fur of cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits and gerbils
  • Bird feathers, cockroach droppings and mould or mildew spores
  • Nuts, eggs, fish and milk in the diet
  • Hair dyes, jewellery and leather goods
  • Crumbs in the kitchen
  • House plants
  • Fabric furniture

Avoidance is always the best treatment for allergies regardless of which allergens are the triggers. Interestingly enough, the most effective, least expensive, and simplest options are not always followed.

Our top tips:

  1. Dust to control mites – dusting surfaces and washing bedding often can control the amount of dust and mites in your home
  2. Vacuum often – vacuuming once or twice a week will reduce dust mites significantly
  3. Reduce pet dander- avoid pets which have feathers or fur if possible – Yes they do exist.. think goldfish, reptiles and the Chinese Crested dog, a hairless dog breed!
  4. Shut out pollen – clean your windows and try to keep windows and doors closed where possible
  5. Avoid mould spores – reducing the moisture in your bathroom and kitchen will reduce mould. Fixing any leaks inside and outside of your home will reduce the potential allergens

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