Pure Water Window Cleaning

Window cleaning with pure water and a pole system has become the most effective window cleaning technology used to achieve sparkling clean windows without the dirty water smears associated with traditional window cleaning methods.

Dust, exhaust fumes from passing traffic, tree pollen and even rain water builds up as a film on windows and can make the exterior of your commercial property look like you don’t care. The impression your building gives is significant. Sparkling clean windows create the right impression for your staff, clients and passers-by.

Pure water window cleaning is the preferred window cleaning method chosen by many commercial businesses these days, because it is cost-effective, gives great results and is eco-friendly – no chemicals are used. Without the use of detergents, your frames and sills won’t become damaged by the repeated use of harsh chemicals either.

You may be wondering what is wrong with using tap water. Simply, pure water doesn’t contain impurities and so is much more effective at binding with and removing the accumulated solids on your windows. Pure water achieves spotless results, while tap water isn’t nearly as effective.

Using water-fed poles, our specially trained operatives use pure water to clean the dirt, pollution, chemicals and minerals away that reside on exterior windows, sills and fascias. Window cleaning with the pole system is the best method for cleaning low-rise commercial windows up to a height of 21 metres (70 feet), and is a simple and easy way to spruce up the aesthetic of your property.

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