Extended Pole Window Cleaning

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For quality commercial window cleaning that will keep your exterior windows clean and smear-free, our extended, waterfed pole window cleaning achieves excellent results to keep the windows of your commercial exterior impressively clean.

Our technologically advanced telescopic pole window cleaning equipment effectively removes any dust, dirt, pollution stains and rainwater smears without the use of detergents. We use pure water because it is much more effective than normal tap water at binding with and removing contaminants that have built up on your windows.

Using pure water, our pole window cleaning also gives a much better and thorough clean than traditional cleaning methods. Pure water cleans better, leaves no residue and achieves a crystal-clear and sparkling appearance. Our clients are always amazed at the results achieved using pure water without any detergent.

Pole system window cleaning offers a much quicker and safer means to clean windows, compared to the traditional use of ladders. Our experienced window cleaning technicians use water-fed extension poles that can reach and wash up to 21 metres (70 feet) – this is usually up to the fourth storey of a building.

For windows above 21 metres, our specially trained operatives can use a cherry picker or scissor lift to clean windows up to 100 metres high, and to navigate areas that are difficult to access.

Get in touch for a no-obligation quote or to find out more about our extended pole window cleaning method. It is truly the most cost-effective and technically-effective way to clean windows on low-rise commercial properties.

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