End of tenancy cleaning Maidstone

End of tenancy cleaning

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, it is important that your property is left looking its best at the end of each tenancy. This makes it much easier to hand over the property to the next tenants without having to stall the process, and it means the relationship between the landlord and tenant is retained, hopefully meaning the tenant will get a good reference for their future properties. If you’re in Maidstone and nearing the end of a tenancy, you may want to consider hiring the services of our professional end of tenancy cleaners.

Helping Tenants Secure Their Deposit

We have been helping tenants and landlords with end of tenancy cleaning for many years, and are committed to leaving a property in at least as good a state as it was found when you moved in. This is particularly important for tenants, who will be keen for as much of their deposit as possible to be returned, so it can save you money in the long run to hire a professional cleaning team if you lack the time, inclination or cleaning expertise to carry out the cleaning yourself.


Deep Cleaning of Floors and Kitchens

There are many aspects of the deep cleaning process we will be happy to help with, and our friendly team are efficient, reliable and offer excellent value for money. We use state of the art machinery and smart cleaning techniques to gently remove stains, dirt and dust from carpets, rugs, curtains and upholstery, all of which can be done in situ for your convenience. We can also perform a deep clean of kitchens, including ovens, hard flooring, the interior side of windows and almost anything else you need help with to get your property up to scratch.

Helping Landlords Keep Their Property in Prime Condition

Our services are also useful for landlords. If a property is returned to you in a less than ideal state, you will need to get it cleaned before the next tenants move in to ensure it is in good condition. Supreme Cleaning have been working with landlords in the Maidstone area for a long time, and have seen a string of excellent results and clients delighted with the high quality service they have received. This way, the moving in process will be quick and easy, and your tenants will be happy with the state of the property from the very start.

For more information about the end of tenancy cleaning services we can provide in and around Maidstone, please contact Supreme Cleaning today.

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