Top Tips for Taking Care of Commercial Building Exteriors

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There are many benefits to taking care of commercial building exteriors, yet many business owners prioritise the interior and often neglect to care for the outside. From providing a better first impression to customers and visitors to ensuring that the building stays in better condition for longer, commercial premises can benefit enormously from regular maintenance in many ways.

A maintenance schedule for the outside of the property will improve kerb appeal and help you maintain a good reputation as a business. You don’t want to be giving off a bad impression about your business purely from the look of your property. A polished exterior shows that you care and makes your business look more professional – an essential element for sectors such as schools and public buildings where a sloppy appearance can be detrimental.

Keeping the exterior of the building clean also slows down the degradation process, especially for materials like glass and aluminium, which can break down and corrode the material over time. By keeping them well-cleaned, you can ensure that corrosive particles like salt will be removed properly to prolong the life of the building structure.

Here are some of the top ways to care for a commercial building exterior to reap these benefits:

Invest in regular inspections

Taking the time to schedule regular inspections can be a worthwhile investment of time, because it gives you the opportunity to spot problems while they’re small and easy to fix, before they develop into larger issues. Even just taking an hour once a month to go around the exterior of the building and check everything from the cladding to making sure the brickwork is undamaged and the windows are well-maintained can save you a considerable amount of money in the long term.

Ensure windows are cleaned

Many modern commercial premises, from offices to schools and galleries, have large windows to let plenty of light in. But this means that regular window cleaning is an essential part of building maintenance.

Dirty windows don’t just affect first impressions of your brand, which is key to the likes of retail premises where reputation is so crucial in attracting customers, but they can also cost business owners money through increased energy consumption from leaving the building poorly lit. Window cleaning helps to remove corrosive salt and rainwater stains to let more light in, as well as removing limescale build-up and mould which can develop in the colder months.

Don’t neglect the surrounding grounds

As with any garden, business grounds also require care and attention. A messy, overgrown outdoor space looks unappealing, and it can ruin the impression you give to visitors, as well as making it more difficult for staff to enjoy the surrounding space. In addition to weed control and removing dead plants, make sure lawns are mowed regularly and litter is picked up.

Clean out guttering

One of the most common causes of irreparable damage to the exteriors of buildings is clogged or damaged guttering. So, it’s a good idea to check the gutters around your commercial property on a regular basis to ensure they’re not blocked. Guttering plays a big role in maintaining the infrastructure of a building, making sure that damp doesn’t develop and preventing dirty rainwater from dripping down the side of the building which can degrade it.

Schedule cladding maintenance

Taking care of the building’s cladding can extend the lifespan of the property and ensures it lasts much longer than it otherwise would. In addition to regular inspections, keeping the various materials of the cladding clean, from glass and concrete to UPVC and steel, will ensure it continues to look great for many years to come, which is important for commercial premises and keeping up kerb appeal.

Final thoughts

Maintaining your building exterior should be a regular part of your business operations. One of the easiest and simplest ways to invest in your commercial premises is to schedule regular window cleaning, and commercial window cleaners can provide a thorough and professional finish that can be hard to achieve yourself.

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