Office refurbs: what to do when the builders have gone

Paint on construction new and modern office

After your long-awaited office refurbishment, you’ve finally been given a date you can move back in. Hallelujah! But before you get over excited and think it will be business as usual on the first day back, check out the state of your renovated office before you make plans.

While many building companies do a fairly decent job of cleaning up after themselves, not all do. And even the better ones aren’t likely to leave the place spotless. Renovations are notoriously messy. Unless you have a post-renovation clean built into your contract which is increasingly rare, the industry standard is ‘broom swept.’ Trust us when we say that won’t be good enough to get your space completely clean and dust-free.

Health and safety at work is extremely important, and a thorough clean after any refurb work is crucial. All kinds of toxins can be released into the air during a renovation, including silicates, mould spores, and ultrafine dust that can cause damage to the lungs. So, you can see why a post renovation clean is essential.

Here are 10 things you may need to do once the builders have gone. If you need help and want a professional and reliable cleaning company to get the dirty work done for you, give our specialist cleaning team a call.

1 – Check you are happy with the work

Before you start moving anything back in, make sure you are completely happy with the work. It will save a lot of disruption if you need to get your builders back to finish anything off. Resolving any problems with the renovation work should take priority.

2 – Air the office

Freshly applied primers, paints and varnishes can give off toxic fumes. Be sure your office is sufficiently aired before you think about moving staff back in.

3 – Remove protection, stickers, paint and plaster deposits

You may have the expectation that everything will be perfect when your office refurbishment work is finally finished, but there are often leftover stickers, and paint and plaster deposits that require removal.

4 – Clean the washrooms

Builders don’t have the best reputation for keeping bathrooms spick and span. Give your sanitary facilities a good scrub (or get a reputable cleaning company to do it for you).

 5 – Check all debris has been removed

You may need to get your builders back to remove debris.

6 – Sweep and vacuum all surfaces

It’s not just the floors that will need a good clean. The ceilings and walls will need attention too (dust has a habit of getting absolutely everywhere).

7 – Wipe down fixtures and fittings

That includes doors, cabinets, mouldings, skirting boards, sills, blinds, light fittings, ceiling fans, hinges, handles etc.

8 – Clean inside and outside of fitted cabinets

Dust makes its way into the most awkward places. Just because cabinets have been kept closed during the refurb, it doesn’t mean the insides will stay dust-free.

9 – Clean windows

Be sure to book your regular window cleaner in for a post refurb extra clean.

10 – Professionally clean carpets

If your refurb work didn’t include new flooring, then this is the perfect time to get carpets or hard floors professionally cleaned.

Remember to use correct cleaning detergents to avoid any damage to new surfaces. There is nothing more frustrating than to ruin some of the good work that has been done. That’s why most businesses employ a professional cleaning service to clean up after office renovation or refurbishment work. To make sure your office is sparkling clean after refurbishment, why not use our professional and efficient post build cleaning service? Contact us for a free quote now.

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