Five reasons to get the professional cleaners in for a deep clean!

Here are 5 great reasons why you would benefit from a professional cleaning company visiting your house to give you the 5 star treatment!

End of Tenancy- Why should you use a professional cleaning company?

There are several reasons why you would want to use a professional cleaning company when your tenancy ends. Firstly it will keep your landlord happy and get you will get your your deposit back swiftly. Many landlords insist on a professional clean as part of the inventory to ensure that standards of cleanliness are maintained and kept consistent from one tenant to the next. Continue reading “End of Tenancy- Why should you use a professional cleaning company?”

Deep Cleaning Carpets

There comes a time in the life of every carpet when vacuuming can no longer restore it’s clean appearance. There are four major indicators of the need for a deep cleaning job: the carpet is matted and feels sticky; the carpet is a completely different colour in areas of high traffic;the carpet has grimy circles around the chairs; there is a lot of dust lifting from the carpet when you walk on it! Continue reading “Deep Cleaning Carpets”

Top tips on removing stains and spills on carpets

At Supreme Cleaning Services we understand the frustration when accidents happen resulting in stains on your carpets. Most stains can be removed by professional carpet cleaning but it is really important when something is spilt  on to your carpet that you act FAST! Before we arrive with our professional products and equipment here are some top tips:

Continue reading “Top tips on removing stains and spills on carpets”

Top tips on vacuuming your carpet

At Supreme Cleaning Services we like to offer our customers the best advice and help to preserve the life of their carpets and upholstery. Any carpet and upholstery benefits from a professional clean every 6-12 months to clean away the dirt the human eye just doesn’t see especially if there are children or pet in the property. However, here are some vacuuming tips to use in between professional cleans: Continue reading “Top tips on vacuuming your carpet”

Five good reasons to choose Supreme Cleaning Services for End of Tenancy Cleans

At Supreme Cleaning Services we work with Letting Agents, private landlords and tenants to ensure thorough end and start of tenancy cleans are carried out with efficiency and expertise. We currently have a portfolio of customers that use us on a regular basis for any EOT cleans in properties of all sizes and degrees of cleanliness. Five good reasons why you should use us: Continue reading “Five good reasons to choose Supreme Cleaning Services for End of Tenancy Cleans”

Post Builders Clean – Travelodge- Woolwich

Supreme Cleaning Services are proud to say they have just finished the post builders clean at the 120 room Travelodge in Woolwich in time for the Olympic Games to start. It was a very successful post builders clean and we were praised for our efficiency, competence and flexibility to transform  two re-furbished buildings in to  a sparkling clean and modern hotel. Continue reading “Post Builders Clean – Travelodge- Woolwich”

Carpet Cleaning : Benefits And Methods Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Regardless of price, size or material professional carpet cleaning and maintenance is an essential way of preserving the life of your  carpets which act as magnets for soil, grit and dust. Vacuuming is a form of carpet cleaning that is quite popular with a lot of carpet owners. According to the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA), regular vacuuming is effective is getting rid of surface dirt, grit and soil, but it not very effective in getting rid of dirt that is deeply embedded fibres. It is only natural that you would want the best for your carpet in terms of cleaning services. Continue reading “Carpet Cleaning : Benefits And Methods Of Professional Carpet Cleaning”

Cleaning Companies in Kent and South East London

Keeping your office clean is an important factor in the impression you make on colleagues and clients. Messy desks are sometimes forgivable, but messy toilets and dirty floors are not. Running an office takes all the time and energy you have. Often essential office cleaning chores get shuffled to the end of the list and are not attended to as regularly and thoroughly as it should be. If your office is in Southeast London or Kent, then the experts at Supreme Cleaning can take over and keep your office looking clean, professional and ready for business. Offering office cleaning in Kent and South East London, Supreme Cleaning offers a variety of services, so they can tailor a cleaning schedule to suit your office’s needs. Continue reading “Cleaning Companies in Kent and South East London”

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